Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Food Goes Fast

Some time ago, while watching a friend scarf down a pizza in exactly 30 seconds, I realized that I hadn't thrown a truly elegant dinner party in years. Oh ok, I never did throw a truly elegant anything, with the possible exception of a romantic dinner for my husband back when I was still trying to impress him (totally wasted effort, since he doesn't know Limoges from Made in China, but what the heck, I liked it). I went home and stared at my impressive collection of cookbooks, fine china and elegant crystal... all in boxes. Yes, I'm just starting a new job and so far no space, no furniture and no haute socialites to befriend and invite to an elegant soirée. Then again, I have met a few people who definitely show pseudo-snob tendencies (pizza-scarfer notwithstanding). I must cultivate them and encourage such pedantic leanings. For the sake of my china. And my cookbooks, all thousand and fifty two of them, a living testament to my unfortunate hoarding habits.

I have made an early New Year's resolution to throw a magnificent dinner party within the next year and invite all my friends (perhaps even some acquaintances if necessary). Unlike the luminaries recently featured in the Globe and Mail, who resort to professional caterers, florists and wait-staff (!!!!), I will plan it all myself, from the madeira cutwork tablecloth to the judicious mix-and-matching of the china (crud! I still have to get some decent cutlery) and the thoughtful and socially sensitive intrincacies of the seating plan. Ah yes. I will also plan (and execute) the menu and choose the wines. This last part may prove somewhat problematic since my knowledge of wine is rather limited. I know grapes are involved and so is stuff like "overtones" and "bouquet." That's ok. I mean, how hard could it be? That's why we have the Internet, right? Don't know sumthin,' google it. Right. I'm ready. Next week, the choosing of the cloth.


Steve said...

Oooh, welcome to the blogosphere! I can't wait to see what you cook up.

Marie said...

Still procrastinating about those exams I see. Well, at least you're entertaining your friends in style.... virtual style!